Dividend update for October 2019 + adding a new position!

Spooktober is officially over, it was quite an uneventful month. The stock market is still chugging along and the Brexit got postponed again. So time to open the books again.

Dividend income

The reported income is after taxation and converted to EUR.
Stock Name Dividend
Realty Income 3,67
Coca Cola 7,19
Altria 20,86
GSK 21,18

Total 52,9

Purchases and Portfolio Contributions

This month I added € 625 to my savings account which is used as a temporary location until I buy some stocks. I also added € 250 to my pension saving fund ( a fiscally deductible fund, we get every year 30% back from the government, but we can only put € 960 in it every year). The pension fund is now maxed out for this year.

I also bought a new stock for my portfolio, it is a stock that has been on my to-buy list for ages but every time I bought something else instead.

I purchased 10 shares of Johnson&Johnson (JNJ) on 2/10/2019 for $ 131,63 per share.

This company doesn't need an introduction but here is what Reuters says:

Johnson & Johnson is a holding company, which is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of a range of products in the healthcare field. It operates through three segments: Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices. Its primary focus is products related to human health and well-being. The Consumer segment includes a range of products used in the baby care, oral care, skin care, over-the-counter pharmaceutical, women’s health and wound care markets. The Pharmaceutical segment is focused on five therapeutic areas, including immunology, infectious diseases, neuroscience, oncology, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The Medical Devices segment includes a range of products used in the orthopedic, surgery, cardiovascular, diabetes care and vision care fields.
The stock is a cornerstone of many stock portfolios. It has been raising its dividend since 1962. My dad was born in that year so if my grandparents bought him some shares the day he was born, he would have been getting a pay rise every year from this company without ever lifting a finger!

With all the noise currently, it has been a bit under pressure and the stock could go down a bit, which means I can expand my position at a better price.

This purchase added € 20,28 in annual dividend income( after taxation and converted to euro at the current exchange rate).

I still have a healthy war chest to buy more stocks when good opportunities arise.

How was your month? Did you guys buy any stocks?

Full disclosure: long all aforementioned stocks.


  1. We didn't make any major purchases in October, but we did start 2 new positions and did a bunch of dollar cost averaging into existing positions. Congrats on finally getting JNJ into your portfolio. I missed out on really good entry points around ~2012 or so because I kept wanting better valuations. Ooops. I finally bought in 2013 and have been pleased with the results.

    1. Hi Pip,
      Always good to dollar cost average inb existing positions, I also have a few postions that I want to expand but the current price of those companies is just to high.
      JNJ is a good company to have! It is one of those companies that you can buy and never look back.


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