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Benjamin Graham Value Investing Strategy

In addition to penning several of the most important value investing books in history,(The Intelligent Investor) Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, was one of the two partners in the Graham Newman Corporation, the investment fund through which he put money to work. It was at this firm that Warren Buffett worked early in his career, learning from the master.  As he amassed an astounding investing record, Graham divided his portfolio into several categories, or “operations”.   These served value investing students well for more than seventy years and some still have value today.
The Benjamin Graham Value Investing PortfolioBenjamin Graham’s value investing strategy was focused on buying stocks with the same discipline as an insurance underwriter, carefully considering the risks, rejecting potential securities that had too much uncertainty, and insisting upon a margin of safety in the event his calculation of intrinsic value was too optimistic.  During his time as the Presid…

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